Top 4 tile flooring trends

Top 4 tile flooring trends

This year you'll see tiles in all shapes and sizes, as well as bold colors, as well as Roman, Greek, encaustic styles, and filigree patterns. Here are the four significant trends we always hear about in our tile store. Tile is waterproof, durable, easy to maintain, and lasts for decades.

Bring the outdoors in with wood look tiles

A wood-look tile combines the beauty of wood with the functional capabilities of tile. Nothing?s as hot in our tile shop these days as the rustic decor with its warm, earthy tones. Thanks to Inkjet Technology, this tile is incredibly realistic with intricate raised grains and an extensive palette of shades and tones, including the high trending variation. These tiles can even be cut into planks of any size.

The bathroom: your wellness center

Bathrooms are no longer just places to perform hygienic functions but are also places to relax, de-stress from the day and even get a few moments of solitude. So one of the biggest trends is to turn it into your bathroom luxurious, high-end spa. One idea: use glass tiles on the wall with a marble or granite floor tile.

Larger and larger formats

Large ceramic tiles, such as porcelain. are the most popular marble, stone, and wood-look tiles. Many feel the large format/fewer grout lines add to the realism; they also add visual interest, such as when you have a super-large hexagonal pattern that creates one big "geographic." The sizes range from 8 X 10 to 25 inches square and are also used on countertops, shower walls, tables, and other large designs.

Terracotta: The forever trend keeps on going

It's no wonder that these baked clay tones and earthy textures are truly soaring high, especially with the trend toward rustic design. Striking the perfect balance between rugged and refined, these tiles can warm up any room from the kitchen to the hallway. In addition, they look better with age, developing a patina over time that gives the tiles even more character.

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