Tile flooring

Does tile flooring come in a wood look?

Tile flooring comes in many designs, and wood-look styles are some of the most popular. The tile that simulates the wood look is excellent for kitchens and moisture-prone spaces like bathrooms, family rooms, and bedrooms.

American Flooring - Nassau Design Center in Yulee, FL, offers a variety of wood-look tiles

? available in various wood species.

? range in style from traditional to contemporary.

? are often rectangular, so they look like small planks.

Layout patterns

Our tile store installs tile flooring in a traditional grid pattern or one of the many layout patterns in vogue. Herringbone, or a repeating V or W pattern, is 'hot' right now, and the basket weave, offset, and diagonal patterns have many fans, too.

To further enhance the look of the floor, consider placing a border around the perimeter of the room or adding inlay or medallion tiles.


Floor tile is available in two clay-based materials:

? Ceramic, composed of coarse clay, is best for low- and medium-traffic areas. In addition, ceramic is hardened in a kiln at a lower temperature than porcelain.

? Porcelain, composed of fine kaolin clay, is the most robust tile material available; therefore, it is installed in the most active areas of the home. You can expect high-quality porcelain tile to last 50 years or more.

Your area?s tile flooring store in Yulee, FL

American Flooring - Nassau Design Center begins each floor tile project with a free estimate. Our tile shop brings top-quality flooring and related services to the Kingsland, Georgia, region and an area in Florida that includes Fernandina Beach, Callahan, and Jacksonville.

Whether a Floridian or a Georgian, we invite you to visit our showroom in Yulee, Florida, today to compare wood-look tile flooring styles.