Waterproof flooring is attractive and serviceable

Easy spill and water cleanup is a guarantee when you install waterproof flooring in your home. Floor coverings that repel water are attractive as well as functional. Vinyl and laminate flooring mimics stone, hardwood, and ceramic. Some tile designs also imitate these natural materials. American Flooring, located in Yulee, Florida, offers a large assortment of all flooring types.

Vinyl flooring

If you're looking for an attractive 'install it and forget about it' flooring that enhances every space in your home, choose vinyl. Waterproof vinyl flooring can repel water for long periods, and the budget-friendly sheet vinyl is a perennial favorite. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are thicker than standard vinyl. This man-made flooring has four layers: backing, core, image, and wear. Choose a thick wear layer, and the wood, stone, or ceramic image will be well protected, and thus, the floor will have a long lifespan.

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Laminate flooring

Laminate is another man-made material that has four layers. Because of the fiberboard core, planks and tiles are always warm underfoot. Standard and waterproof brands are available. In general, waterproof laminate flooring repels water for up to 30 hours. Water should be cleaned up immediately when the standard laminate is installed. Look for an AC3 rating when comparing products. The floor can tolerate heavy foot traffic when this abrasion coefficient rating is noted. Like luxury vinyl flooring, planks and tiles click together to form a floating floor.

Tile flooring

Clay-based porcelain and glazed ceramic are waterproof. Both types of tile can be installed on the wall as well as on the floor. While ceramic is quite serviceable, porcelain is the superior product, and therefore, more costly. Porcelain is harder and denser, and tiles come in various colors, shapes, designs, and sizes. Designs that mimic wood and stone are popular. High-quality porcelain tile, the most durable tile material on the market, can last a lifetime. It's simple to create a unique floor by combining several styles of tile.
Waterproof flooring in Yulee, FL from American Flooring

Tap into your waterproof flooring source in Yulee

The installation team at American Flooring installs tile, vinyl, and waterproof laminate flooring in the local area. Our service area includes the communities of Yulee, FL, Fernandina Beach, FL, Jacksonville, FL, Callahan, FL, St. Mary, FL, && Kingsland, GA. It's easy and convenient to use our online catalog and online chat service. Our professionally trained design team can guide you through your waterproof flooring upgrade. Easy financing is always available.