The best flooring has a long lifespan

The best flooring has a long lifespan

Flooring on the market today ranges from semi-permanent loose lay luxury vinyl planks and tiles to hardwood planks and porcelain tiles that last a lifetime. High-quality brands are stain and abrasion-resistant. American Flooring is a flooring store in Yulee, FL that offers a wide variety of the latest flooring styles.

Hardwood flooring

The three types of hardwood flooring show off the same time-honored beauty, but engineered wood is more versatile than solid wood. Man-made flooring, which has a plywood base, can be installed in moisture-prone spaces. And while unfinished and prefinished planks are nailed to a wood subfloor, engineered planks are designed to float above the subfloor.

Ceramic and porcelain tile

Ceramic and porcelain are both clay-based materials. The former is made of coarse clay, and the latter is composed of kaolin clay. While denser and harder porcelain is the superior product, ceramic is very serviceable. Both materials work well in moisture-prone areas, but ceramic tile must be glazed to repel water. Porcelain tiles that mimic hardwood and stone are trendy.


Don't be discouraged from choosing carpeting for your home if you have pets. Brands like Mohawk's SmartStrand are appropriate for pet owners. These formidable, pet-friendly brands are ideal for any home, whether you are part of an active household or a single who is looking for maximum durability. Long-lasting carpeting is often made of synthetic fibers like nylon or Triexta.

Laminate and luxury vinyl flooring

Laminate and luxury vinyl are multi-layer synthetic materials that are designed to imitate natural materials. Planks mimic hardwood, and tiles mimic hardwood, stone, and ceramic. Laminate, with its fiberboard core, is always warm underfoot. Typically, luxury vinyl is waterproof, while laminate only repels water if labeled 'waterproof.'

Locally-owned American Flooring is a full-service flooring company. We boast a shopper-friendly showroom as well as a mobile showroom. Our installation team travels in an area that includes Yulee, Fernandina Beach, Callahan, Jacksonville, Florida, and St Mary and Kingsland, Georgia. It's easy to start your flooring project with our online 'see in my room' visualizer.